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"An invest into knowledge always pays the best interest"

--- Benjamin Franklin

The saying of Benjamin Franklin is even more valid in our days. Get Knowledge supports you - the individual - in keeping your knowledge up to date. Due to the collaboration with german and international universities, several professors, several faculties and several business entities we offer high value education to the individual, you!

The idea behind our approach was that most of the people interested in further education:

  • are experienced practiconers interested in increasing their knowledge and not beginners focused on theory
  • might hold a degree and therefore are not looking for another one
    (so a second BSc/MSc makes only little sense)
  • can hardly find the time to enrol and visit lectures at a gouvernmental university due to their job
  • don't feel comfortable in paying the prices asked for at commercial training vendors or at private universities
  • might not be supported by their employer in the field of specific training, might not be selected for certain technologies by their employer or might be unemployed
  • are still looking for high quality and high value education


Get Knowledge offers courses: